Affirmationskort på engelska IMYOGI

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Underbara affirmationskort utformade för barn. Barn får hjälp att tänka positiva tankar om sig själva som stärker självkänslan. Förpackningen innehåller 30 kort peppande fraser.

Notera att korten är på engelska.


Instilling positive thinking in children from an early age is a truly invaluable gift, one that enriches their entire lifetime. Our IMYOGI Positive Affirmation Cards empower children with the tools to learn the art of self-compassion, self-love, and nurture an emotionally resilient foundation. 

Saying positive affirmations out loud can be a wholesome daily ritual, shared between you and your little ones. It's an opportunity to explore self-love and empathy together, fostering a deeper connection. These cards inspire children to embrace their inner strength and cultivate a positive mindset.


  • High quality 400gsm cards
  • 105mm x 148mm / 4.1in x 5.8in

Great for

  • Birthday gift
  • Calm corners
  • Brain breaks
  • Introduction to mindfulness for little ones

Made in Netherlands